Automate conversations. The future of predictive dialing is here.

Forget basic predictive dialers. Our AI agents do more than just call customers, they complete entire conversations, re-route high-priority customers to human agents and handle after-hours callbacks. Talk to us to see how it works.


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Our Capabilities 

How we stack up against regular predictive dialers  



Why Curious Thing?

Make more calls and provide a better customer experience with a solution that scales.


Improve agent productivity 

Our AI handles the bulk of the non-complex conversation, freeing up human agents for more important or escalated conversations.


Improve call answer rate

Share an SMS with customers to notify them of upcoming or missed calls.


Get more value out of your call attempts

Leave personalised voicemails with information about next steps.


Offer flexibility to call back anytime to complete the conversation

After hours callback handling allows customers to return a call at any time, day or night.

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Use Cases

How Voice AI Assistants can support your team 


Conduct payment reminder and debt recovery calls

Remind customers of upcoming or missed payments. Learn if customers are experiencing barriers to payment and prioritise resolution.

Share mass notifications and reminders at scale

Need to inform customers of urgent matters, or upcoming sales and product launches? Use our AI to call and message customers to keep them in the loop.

Gather customer feedback and uncover insights

Learn from every conversation. Use the real-time insights we deliver to improve your customer experience and keep retention rates sky-high.

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Our Product

Grow your call centre operations with us 


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Drive customer action

Our AI intelligently initiates phone calls, detects and leaves voicemail, answers returned calls, sends dynamic SMS, email, IMs and more.

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Fast impact

Deploy in 5-15 business days and spend only 2-5 hours during the initial setup stage.


Quick growth

Our technology is designed to grow with you. Our AI can call as many people as you need.


Deeper insights

Our AI doesn't need to follow a rigid script. It is designed to gather information and deliver insights.

See our cutting edge AI technology in action

Grow your call centre operations with Conversational Voice AI.